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Lord Fin Tube--Extruded outer diameter 3/4 low fin tube

Extruded outer diameter 3/4" low fin tube

Extruded outer diameter 3/4" low fin tube
Low Fin Tube
Due to the features that higher heat transfer coefficient, larger heat transfer area and less consumption of steel etc, Threaded pipe has been recognized as a kind of strengthening heat transfer element. The research report pointed out that the design of is reasonable. So the flue gas heat transfer efficiency of threaded pipe is 1. 6 times of light tube. Because the threaded pipe has the remarkable characteristics, it has been more and more widely used in boiler manufacture.   Features:
(1) The heat transfer of a thread smoke tube is as the same as that of 1.7 to 1.8 root ordinary pipes after application of the optimization of heat transfer and flow resistance when it is used on the boiler. This not only can reduce the pipe numbers, but also can lessen the diameter of the pot shell, thus, to save the steel and to cut down capital.
(2) The heat transfer surface area is 1.5 to 2.0 times of the light pipe, this greatly improves the activity of the cooling methods and strengthen the tube inside boiling and condensation transfer effects in the application of air conditioning refrigeration industry.
(3)Setting up in heat exchange equipment application on decoration, steel or stainless steel tube through a molding machine rolling, spiral tube fouling are spiraling in appearance, set decoration equipment running line temperature changes make the pipe produces expansion and contraction, thus can make the dirt to fall off; For the cylinder and the light pipe scale layer, without the power off.

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