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Spiral Wound Finned Tube

High frequency welding finned tube radiator for string type and winding type fin made of the shortcomings, and improved by high frequency welding is an efficient heat radiating element of finned tube, fin tube itself is the strip thickness 0.8-1mm winding in the finned tube, and the high-frequency welding process, the welding in tablets pipe, ensure the bonding strength of tube and fin, the metal heat intensity reached 1.10 1.20w/kg degrees centigrade, widely used in boiler economizer of the finned tube air preheater and production workshop, production of residential energy-saving radiator, and heat pipe as the late winding preferred.

Spiral finned tube is an efficient heat transfer device. Its heat transfer area is several times to several times, it can strengthen heat transfer, reduce the flow resistance, reduce metal consumption, so as to improve the economic and operational reliability of heat exchange equipment. At present, the spiral finned tube has been widely used in various boilers.

The structure of the spiral finned tube is shown as the figure above.

Specification unit of spiral finned tube: mm

The diameter of the base tube is 25-159 D

Base wall thickness delta 2-8

Fin thickness 0.8-2 s

Fin height 10-30 H

Pitch 5-20 t

Fin tube length is less than or equal to 10000 L

Note: 1 the table outside the specifications can be made by the demand side agreed

The 2 fin to generally less than 1/2d

3 the factory produced by the spiral finned tube DG1020-97 JB/T6512-92 and other standards

Spiral fin tube product specification and parameter list
Material: ordinary carbon steel, stainless steel, corrosion resistant steel
Seamless steel pipe, high frequency electric welded steel tube
Spiral Wound Finned Tube
High frequency welded spiral fin tube type and material
Welding finned tube driving: without teeth, teeth
Welding material: carbon steel, corrosion resistant steel, stainless steel, alloy steel
Product application range
Boiler economizer, power plant boilers, petrochemical engineering, heat exchanger
High frequency welded spiral fin tube
Base tube diameter: O 25- o D 140 mm
Based tube length L:1-12 meters
Fin spacing t:5-30 mm
Fin thickness Sn:0.8-2.5 mm
HF: fin height is generally less than the base tube radius (8-30 mm)
Cold rolled composite fin tube
Liner: carbon steel, stainless steel, steel
Fin: Aluminum
The product application scope
Heat exchanger, oven
Production range of cold rolled composite fin tube
Liner D diameter: O 16- o 38 mm
The diameter of D finned tube: O 35- o 70 mm
The length of L:1-4 meters finned tube
Finned tube spacing of t:2.5, 3, 7 mm

High frequency welded spiral fin tube

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