Shanghai T.S. Industrial Co.,Ltd/T.S. Industrial Corporation Limited focuse on varies finned tube and close work with heat exchanger and boiler industrial manufacturer. Main products as Extruded finned tube and Welded finned tube; Solid finned tube and Serrated finned tube; Embedded finned tube and L foot finned tube; Bimetal finned tube and Single metal finned tube; Elliptical Fin Tube, High fin tube and Low fin tube; H finned tube and Doule H finned tube; Studded Pipe; Twisted tubeLongitudinal Finned Tubes, Brown Fintube and Corrugated tube; Laser welded stainless fin tubeHigh flux tube, Tube Sheet and heat exchanger Baffles.

With advanced high frequency resistance welding finned tube production line, annual production capacity of up to 4000 tons, the specifications of phi 22-273mm finned tube, according to national standards or customer requirements standard production. The company produces finned tubes (square fin tube, circular finned tube, spiral fin tube, H type finned tube, longitudinal fin tube, corrugated fin tube, spiral serrated fin tube, needle shaped fin tube, plate shaped fin tube, inner fin tube) can be applied to the boiler, air preheater etc.

  • Perforated L-foot Finned Tubes

  • Laser Welding Finned Tube|Laser Welded Stainless Fin Tube

  • Rectangular Finned Tubes, Double H Fin Tubes, Square Fin Pipe, H Fin Pipe

  • Studded Tube, Studded Pipe, Nailhead Pipe_Finned Tube

  • Lordf Fin Tube-Manual tube expansion tool for finned tube


    The utility model discloses a manual tube expansion tool for a finned tube, which includes a fixing plate, one end of the fixing plate is provided with a lifting ear, and the other end of the fixing plate is provided with a plurality of expansion rods.

  • Lord Fin Tube-Heat recovery with steam


    Heat recovery with steam for both steam and liquid heat recovery systems, the inlet temperature of the secondary fluid to the heat exchanger can change over time, requiring a control device in the system.

  • Lord Fin Tube-Classification requirements for finned tubes


    Classification of finned tubes by application and structure, 1.Finned tubes that exchange heat with air, 2.Finned tubes for heat exchange with flue gas,3.Finned tubes that exchange heat with organic medium or refrigeration medium